The Victorian Tailor: An Introduction to Period Tailoring
March 7, 2017
The Ultimate Serger Answer Guide: Troubleshooting for Any Overlock Brand or Model (Creative Machine Arts Series)
March 3, 2017
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This book outlines everything a designer or a garment manufacturer needs to know about producing a garment from start to finish. The book includes all the steps they can perform to avoid disconcerting incidents, such as chargebacks and late deliveries. In 1996, I lead a group of people that worked in a large production facility. It was then that I began to put together the pieces of this manual. Everyday, I saw things slip through the cracks and problems occur. I thought, if I can develop a book that would help avoid the everyday problems, it would be beneficial to me and my team. I put the manual together, and as the years progressed and my position in the industry changed, I used the manual and passed it on to the people that I worked with each year. Being able to offer co-workers guidelines when creating a garment and offering factories solutions to problems prior to them occurring, really made this grueling process less complex than it had been in years. Let s face it, the fashion industry is always working behind schedule. It is always yesterday that the retailer wanted the garments or the sales office wanted the samples. If I can alleviate things that generally delay production, then I can make more people s jobs less painful, and ultimately make more people happy. This book illustrates what it is that makes a designer succeed, as well as ways to make a production office run more smoothly. It outlines the way to manufacture a garment from the development of a sales sample to shipping the finished garment on time, and all of the how to s in between. The book demonstrates how to apply these ideas to an existing organization or to a start-up company. The book is ideal for the young designer, who is looking to begin a business, or for an existing company, that is having trouble with anything from poor or inconsistent fit to late shipping and charge backs. Included in the book are examples of forms and templates that you can compare to.