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Hello incredible colleague, and Welcome to Garment Engineering with me, Dr. Pat Trautman.

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Our mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to accurately execute your design and fit intent as envisioned so that you can concentrate on successfully presenting your creativity to the world.

It all starts with your vision and that first garment rendition.

Through the Alchemy of Fit organized curriculum you will go from drafting the pattern through fit manipulations for design.

Then it’s reinforced through the resources provided in Adventures in Patternmaking and in the Community of Professionals.

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Our Community

Our robust and active community, so you can develop the full skill set and confidence to know you can do it. You’ll be able to think through the entire process of executing while also having all the resources in Garment Engineering to call on.

The key is training yourself to the process, beyond visual symptoms, and well beyond simply patternmaking.

To access our community of Garment Engineers check out the interactive moderated community group.

About Dr. Pat Trautman

As Founder and President of Global Garment Engineering, Dr. Pat Trautman harnesses her decades of experience to perform in-depth consultations in the pre-production technical design process for the apparel complex with some of the world’s most pre-eminent retail brands and manufacturers.
She is a highly acclaimed and recognized apparel sizing and fit expert, having traveled extensively to 5 continents in order to troubleshoot pre-production technical design issues in factories, in addition to providing expert mentoring and guidance to pre-production staff.

Dr. Trautman has been universally praised for her work as a technical director at factories in several countries in South America, as well as in Sri Lanka. She continues to be the industry’s foremost authority in apparel production and technical design. Whether for designer, retailer, vendor, factory or university, her specialized skill set allows her to quickly identify issues & resolve them in both the short and long-term.
Recently Dr. Trautman has been working with several major studios, replicating film character costumes from the big screen for uses including promotion, museum exhibits, and retail partnerships world-wide.

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