Global Garment Engineering


Let our decades of creative troubleshooting and fashion engineering expertise give you the solution you’re looking for……so you can focus on successfully presenting your work to the world.

Your time is at a premium, and you MUST have perfection with your design. This is no time for second guessing or making the wrong move.

And it’s definitely not a time to get stressed out, which can make everything much harder than it needs to be.

But time is always short, so let’s partner.

Whether it’s on-the-table, on your computer or in a production line, you can expect elite customized support for:

  • Drafting to spec
  • Fit issues
  • Grading
  • Production patterns
  • Patterns to match design intent for shape and silhouette

Just choose the service that fits your unique situation.

Consulting & Contracting Services

I’ll help you analyze, interpret, and even deconstruct designer intent in an effort to get the fast approval or clarification you’re seeking. We’ve seen it all, which means we bring you a robust array of technology expertise. We’ll do the necessary detective work to help untangle, deconstruct, and resolve–giving you back your time and sanity.
Global Garment Engineering
Global Garment Engineering


We will come in and work side by side with your staff to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas, so you maximize those strengths and take the necessary steps to improve the weaknesses.

We’re talking about the kind of one-on-one tailored skill set development that is so rare in this industry. Teams from all over the world rave about our mentorship services and for good reason. They have become more cohesive and more productive with improved morale and retention.

To make the most of our mentorships we recommend you combine it with one of our workshops.

Global Garment Engineering

Atelier Direct & Concierge Services

This Done-for-You service is one of our most popular because we focus on your immediate needs, analyzing your situation, formulating a workable solution and take action to resolve on the spot so you can save valuable time and meet your schedule.

Our Concierge option will give you the answers you’re looking for so you and your team can move on with more confidence, skill, and finesse. One of our most popular options is reformatting, fit, and grading for brands.

Atleier Direct & Concierge Services

Customized Training

We have a vast set of offerings and areas of expertise that enable us to provide our clients with a powerful training experience that is tailored to your specific needs, challenges, and desired results. If you want to empower and further educate your teams in fit, pattern making and grading while propelling your business to exciting new levels, then look no further.
Global Garment Engineering

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