Global Garment Engineering
Global Garment Engineering


You’re about to experience an organized curriculum that will guide you toward achieving design intent and fit with greater ease and finesse as your abilities to troubleshoot and problem solve become second nature.

The Alchemy of Fit is drawn from a series of presentations grouped as Adventures in Patternmaking, plus masterclasses on drafting pants/jeans, torsos, and sleeves. The cornerstone is pattern drafting and understanding to work the process in successful execution.

Our curriculum will be in four MODULES:

  1. Nail That Fit! which shows you how to look and evaluate the sample and its fit and design integrity
  2. Pants and Jeans
  3. Torsos, T-shirts, and Sleeves
  4. Forensic Patternmaking, which houses the masterclasses on drafting pants and drafting torsos and sleeves

Who is the Alchemy of Fit for?

If you are a professional working in this area of expertise, or a garment technologists with a foundational skill in pattern and fit, then you’re going to love this.

You’ll be getting a full toolbox so you can enhance your skills in process garment engineering. You will know the “why” as well as the “how” of making the decisions in problem solving for design and for fit.

Frankly I can’t think of a faster path to success.

By the end you will know you can handle it, do it, think it through and problem solve. Your thinking will be to the entire process; it starts with a garment but fit and design encompasses what happens before and after in the process to final design presentation.

You’ll also be enjoying a full array of resources, both physical and personal, at your fingertips so you can successfully execute and present your design to the world.

Enjoy The Alchemy of Fit!

Global Garment Engineering

The Modules


Pants and Jeans

Torsos, T-shirts, and Sleeves


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