Garment Engineering Tools

Tools and Supplies

Everyone needs to have supplies and tools of their own that they feel comfortable and confident with, things they know will “work” for them when it comes to working with drafts, patterns, samples or in-line and QA.

I always travel with my favorites, even carrying extras in case I entice others with their abilities. And in my bag I always travel with a Lufkin ¼” tape measure and a 6” plastic ruler to take measurements or draft on the fly.

These include the tools we talked about in the Alchemy of Fit and Adventures in Patternmaking. Just head to the video “Tools: Start with Basics” below for a refresher.

If you are drafting in CAD or PDS then in Gerber Technology the curves are replicated in the Data 70 through 90 files to be pulled into your drafts and applied, or you can digitize the physical curves that  you routinely use and apply them in your program.

When you have great tools, it makes your job that much easier and far less overwhelming. As always, when you use the same tools from curves to ruler to measurement system to dress form or model, at all phases you achieve a straightforward more predictable outcome.

We’ve put together these tools with you in mind. We know you have enough on your plate already, so we assembled these to help you lighten your load.

So take a look at what we have for you and if you get stuck just let me know. I’m here to help!

Post-Pandemic tools seem more difficult to locate for purchase. Why? Not sure except for is not accepting online orders, nor do they list all tools previously available; metric tools and a 60  ships curve are elusive still.

I have shown a picture of L-squares, tailor’s squares, full and half-scale and some other tools I recommend but have not located online for purchase.

I suggest visiting (and the store in NYC), (and Sil Thread in NYC), in LA California and for L-squares.

Of course let us know if you locate great sites for purchase or have other recommendations for tools; we will update when new information becomes available.