"We made works of art in record time"

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March 22, 2017
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"We made works of art in record time"

Replicating a garment without disarming it is a challenge that for many is impossible, but thanks to technology we are able to carry out this work in record time and with the highest quality," explains Pat Trautman at the Fashion Museum located in Vitacura.

The renowned clothing expert, who is also president of Global Garment Engineering, visited our country and detailed the process of duplicating the costumes used in the latest film starring Hugh Jackman, "The Great Showman."

The original garments were made by designer Ellen Mirojnic. But as Pat explained, "to replicate them before, it was necessary to disarm them."

Now only after a couple of hours with the clothes in his possession, a digital layout could be made. This technology at the service of fashion works thanks to a software called "Silhouette".

With this tool, plus a specialized digitizing table, the magic begins. "With a kind of pencil you go through the piece in detail, which saves the information in the system, its design, its measurements", explains Trautman.
They asked me for copies of the costumes to promote the film in the world, the number was 50 copies, I had to calculate the fabrics, the buttons and other materials, and there could be 50, not one more, because of the measures in which they sold. materials, but also, considering the time we had, "said Pat.

"If they're told that costume design does not have math, do not believe them," he added with a laugh during the presentation.

The pressure to have everything ready in time would have been greater without the technology of Gerber Technology and the use of Silhouette.

The process used contemplated technology that recreates computer patterns, this thanks to a kind of pen with sensors that passes over the garment. And also, other digital processes to make identical suits, without having to disassemble or unstitch the originals.

Each costume garment was created using instant pattern archiving with AccuMark. Simultaneously the patterns were passed to AccuMark 3D, where they were draped over avatars to validate each piece of the pattern and review virtual samples.

The process of digital samples, allowed the team to ensure that each piece fit perfectly to achieve an assembly to the millimeter and to make perfect replicas. Pat achieved the goal, and in Chile, we had these replicas at the Fashion Museum, thanks to his work.

The film "The Great Showman", distributed by 20th Century Fox, is a musical recently released in theaters. Starring Hugh Jackman, Zack Effron, Rebecca Ferguson, among others, love her story of overcoming. But also, for this beautiful wardrobe.

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