Women's Costume, 1877-1885: The Complete Dress and Cloak Cutter

Women's Garments 1 (Become a Pattern Drafter Series) (English and French Edition)
May 8, 2017
Women's and Children's Fashions of 1917: The Complete Perry, Dame & Co. Catalog
July 24, 2018
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American women step out of the house and stride into their place in the Business World with the demise of so many men in the Civil War. And they also move on from the dress of Victorian England. Here is an American tailoring system for the American Women of the times, including why and how the fashions changed in 1883.

Of particular interest are the excerpts from American Etiquette books showing what was worn in many different situations here rather than in Europe. What is shown here could well have been a spark for the many changes in Women's fashions and position as they marched towards greater equality.