The effective integration of 3D virtual prototype in the product development process of the textile/clothing industry

The Elements of Style, Third Edition
July 25, 2018
The Dynamics of Fashion
July 24, 2018
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The Textile, Clothing and Fashion Sector (TCF), is one of the first industries to be importantly affected by the globalisation of production and services. The clothing industry is driven towards a permanently accelerating fashion, offering its products faster, cheaper, and in bigger abundance than ever. This demand has resulted in the search of new techniques that will add value in the product development process. The present research’s scope is the study and acceptance of digital prototype as mean of communication and abbreviation of product development time without problems, decreasing the technological gap and the time of production, increasing at the same time the creativity and the direct visualisation of clothes and its application. Digital prototype has become acceptable in the electromechanical products applications and several studies have revealed the most optimal exploitation of new technologies’ possibilities and the problems raised from its integration in the development process. In the TCF sector, the research is directed towards the development of plan study solutions with the aim of an emerged satisfactory digital prototype model that could integrate into the existing designing solutions. Τhe objective of this research study is to give prominence to the integration demands and requirements as well as the effective use of digital three-dimensional model in the fashion process via extensive research of academics, technology vendors, users, designers and experts in clothing and fashion products.