Modern Shirt Drafting for Stock Patterns: Shirt Drafting and Grading

Modern Tailoring for Women
March 7, 2017
Modern Method of Women's and Children's Garment Design
March 3, 2017
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As in a grammar book, this volume looks at the foundations and rules of the Western wardrobe. By exploring each garment with its functions that often called for extremely precise details, we have developed a teaching tool for the general public, using pieces from the author's enormous collection, to help understand the attraction and appeal of a specific garment.

This third book chronologically brings together, as they appeared in Clothing History, the three main categories of a sector generically referred to today as "shirts". This includes shirts, blouses and bodices as well as waistcoats (vests), another type of garment worn close to the body that is a link with the outer clothes developed in our first book "Cover it up!".

Both an introductory book and a reference document on the culture of fashion, this third book in the series focuses on interior pieces : shirts, bodices, blouses, vests and waistcoats for women and men.